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Remote-controlled Elevator Air Conditioner Systems

Remote-controlled Elevator Air Conditioner Systems

Product Introduce

With the construction of large number of intelligent building, building management systems including refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, lighting control systems and elevator management system, uses a lot of self-contained professional monitoring system. Larger elevator manufacturer, basically have their own elevator remote monitoring system. Elevator air conditioner as an important part of the elevator, currently more advanced control methods is to set the air conditioning turn on and shut down time by circulation of weeks according to the user's requirements.

According to GB / T 50314-2006 "Intelligent Building Design Standards" requirements, construction equipment management system should measure, monitor and control the building electrical equipment to ensure stable, safe and reliable running of the equipment, achieving energy-saving and environmental protection management requirements. Keeping up with the times, Heshan developed the world's first remote-controlled type elevator air conditioning system, user can monitor, measure, control and diagnostics the elevator air conditioning running status in the control room.

"Heshan" remote-controlled elevator air conditioning systems, consist of remote-controlled elevator air conditioner, power cables from the car roof to elevator machine room and twisted pair signal transmission cable, elevator machine room relay signal amplify hubs, shielded twisted pair signal transmission cable from the elevator machine room to the building control room, computers installed with elevator air conditioning monitoring and management software and other components. The remote-controlled elevator air conditioning systems brings many benefits such as improve the scientific and intelligent level of the building, save maintenance labor, and reduce energy consumption from the equipment operation and operating generated management costs.

Real-time Monitoring
Through the control room computer screen, real-time monitoring of temperature inside the elevator car, air conditioner return air and the cold air out temperature, air conditioner operating voltage and current, etc.
Remote Operation
Implement in the control room of the elevator air-conditioning temperature, operating mode, switch on/off time, wind speed control.
Efficient handling of faults by monitoring and analyzing the selected elevator air conditioner water level, voltage and current data.
Remote Technical Support
Remote online internet assistance and processes elevator air conditioner problems around the world.
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