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Elevator Air Conditioner

Elevator Air Conditioner

Products profile

In the running elevator, due to external heat radiation or natural heat from the passengers and other reasons, the temperature will rise inside the car, even to "steamer" state. In order to improve the elevator riding comfort, Zhejiang Threebamboo Tech, has been committed to elevator air conditioner development and application, Three Bamboo has formed a relatively mature eighth product line, its advanced water treatment methods, highly automated intelligent control systems, and air conditioner automatic dust removal and other heat technology has received a number of national patents.

"Heshan" brand elevator air conditioner not only has cooling, ventilation, dust removal, dehumidification and other functions, but also heating, environmentally friendly refrigerants, sterilization and other optional features, such as easy installation and maintenance, fully meet the needs of different users. Hotels, restaurants, high-end office space, by installing an elevator air conditioner, can effectively eliminate blind spots of central air conditioning and improve the quality of the buildings. Truly achieve cooling in the summer, warm in winter, spring ventilation, meet peopleí»s needs for comfortable, efficient, long life elevator air conditioner s, is a product to the trend of the times.

TK(D)-25(26)Y Elevator Air Conditioner
TK(D)-25(26)Y/Q Elevator Air Conditioner
TK(D)-32(35)Y/Q Elevator Air Conditioner
TK(D)-16(18)Y/Q(Z) Elevator Air Conditioner
TK(D)-53Y/Q(Z) Elevator Air Conditioner

Elevator Air Conditioner Main Feature
No Water Drop
No electricity heating in vaporizing the condensation water, safe and electricity saving; Multiple protection from water spilling over; Efficient heat-insulation soft duct, ensuring no frost on the surface; High quality anti-rust bottom water pan.
Low Noise
International brand compressor; Dual muffler design, Damping material , absorb vibration.
Efficient and Energy Saving
Highly efficient compressor, advanced heat exchanger technology; Increased air flow design, dual cooling to refrigerant; Overall system optimization to national energy conservation standards.
Healthy and Environment Harmony
Efficient mildew proof screen, clearing dust; High-quality cold medium, removing harmful gas ;Negative oxygen ion, elevator car air purification and sterilization (optional).
Convenient Use
The on/off time program controlled; Start the air condition only once for the whole summer or winter; Remote control in the elevator car; Auto resume after electricity black out.
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